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Whole Loan Purchase And Sale Agreement

4.1 Seller. The purchase price paid to the seller for the mortgage maintenance fee, reduced by the service fee, is included in the SRP net mentioned by Fannie Mae and accepted by the seller for the sale of the mortgage to Fannie Mae. b) the file. A complete loan file, as described in fannie Mae Selling Guide to Servicer, except otherwise by Fannie Mae. The seller must also keep a copy of the full credit file and keep it in accordance with the Fannie Mae Servicing Guide requirements and all other applicable requirements specified in it. (a) mortgage information. In addition to the information introduced by the seller in the information submitted by the Servicer Required Fields (SRF) and the use of this information throughout the seller`s request regarding the credit commitment, the seller must provide all available computer records or similar records, if and as the service reasonably requires, from time to time relevant information about the mortgage. , including, but not limited to comprehensive tax and insurance information, which identifies the beneficiary. , the address of the beneficiary, the due date of the next payment and the number of the directive. 1.10. Mortgage credit.

The mortgage sold by Fannie Mae on the entire credit commitment application with its maintenance rights at the same time and transferred by the seller via SET to Servicer. (v) If, after the date of purchase of a mortgage, it is established that private mortgage insurance is not in effect or has been terminated with respect to such a mortgage on the date of purchase, and that the omission of such a policy to be in effect on the date or after the date of purchase is due to the seller`s negligence, the seller will take all measures no later than thirty (30) days after receiving the notification. which are necessary to implement such a policy or be reinstated by the insurer concerned, or (b) buy back the service rights corresponding to the purchase price of the maintenance rights. If the seller does not meet the above rate for a mortgage, the Servicer will notify Fannie Mae to start the process of buying back that mortgage. At no time should the Servicer be required to transfer funds to Fannie Mae to restore private mortgage insurance or to pass on losses for reasons mentioned in this subsection. If the provider is notified of a termination of the private mortgage insurance, the seller must reimburse the service all monies owed within 15 business days of receipt of the claim by the Service, unless this policy can be reintroduced.

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