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I tried to search the Sprint website for information about when subsidized phone charges are dropped by my line, but this company was pretty useless. The view agreement shows absolutely nothing. Where can I find this? Sprint`s website is a scumbag. There is NO view of my contract details, have you deleted this part of your site? sprint.com – my sprint – my account, scroll down to the devices. In devices, select „see my contract details“ There is no view my contract details………. links /u/famoussasjohn /u/Craig-S /u/Reedfrost: This page also needs to be updated to say that you can now download the My Sprint app on Google Play and give the URL (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sprint.care). Can you create a ticket with the web team to update this page? Please note that some of the documents on this page are available in PDF format. Please download Adobe Reader to view these documents. Update to a new device. You can use our Discount Purchase Program (IPO), which is a nine-month interest rate plan.

You will be informed if you have the right to choose this option. Sign up for My T-Mobile for POIP: 1. Connect to My T-Mobile. 2. Click Billing. 3. Under `JUMP! Click On Request Laase to see the rental details. 4. Click on the plan of payments received.

5. Check the payment information. A payment is due for taxes today and then there are nine monthly payments. 6. Enter payment details, then click „Accept and continue.“ 7. Close the electronic signature process. 8. Once the transaction is complete, a confirmation message will appear.

Sign up for POIP with the T-Mobile app: 1. Launch the T-Mobile app. 2. Press „Billing – Payments“ on Lease which is coming to an end soon. I`ve already told you one. 3. Tap the plane in slices. 4. Check the payment information. A payment is due for taxes today and then there are nine monthly payments.

5. Enter payment details, then tap „Accept and continue.“ 6. Close the electronic signature process. This may require that the agreement be emailed and authorized on a computer. 7. Once the transaction is complete, a confirmation message will appear. Sprint Solutions, Inc. provides wireless language, language and data hardware, software and services through this contract. Contracts can be used by public and local governments, public education institutions and other public institutions in Texas. Resellers are not available for this contract. If you see z.B a Samsung Galaxy S10 with 128GB of memory, the Sprint Flex Lease costs $33/m.

with $0. After 12 months, you paid $396. Once the lease was completed, it cost you a total of $594. On the other hand, if you go with the Sprint24 month financing program, you pay $31.25/mo. – $750 until the end of the life – and own the device at the end of the two years. To decide if leasing works for you, it`s helpful to choose a particular phone you`re looking for and break down the costs. Capable device needed; Coverage not available in some areas. While 5G access does not require a specific plan or function, some applications/services can be used. For more information on network management (z.B.

video optimization), please see the coverage of details, CGVs and information on the Internet. I would like to ask Sprint, please, make this information easier to find! Before, it was very simple when I was looking for an upgrade – instead I`m sold on payment plans – and I figured I was eligible for these plans. It`s ridiculous – he told me when I could do an update. This makes me believe that Sprint hopes that we will make this plan, without suspecting our real upgrade date. I was so frustrated that I had vowed to switch to another carrier who would be more in advance with my plan. Please note your current customers who are not eligible for all „promotions“ for non-Sprint customers. For well-trained clients. If you stop wireless service, the balance is due. Qualifying service required.

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