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Topgolf Membership Agreement


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We signed up for membership online and finally managed to do so on our last day in Vegas. We were first told that they had a problem with the air conditioning outside. It was 115 degrees outside. In short, we ended up cancelling our one-hour session. Then a mistake was made in calculating the half hour of golf and two beers. The waitress calculated usagain, but it had already been charged to our subscription. A manager intervened, and we are still waiting for the credit on our credit card. Nice place to work out, but call ahead and make sure the air conditioning is working outside. You have a swimming pool and food at your disposal. All promotional and advertising materials, including any images or materials („images together“) that relate to or represent the Topgolf location or Topgolf`s name, logo, symbol, brand or trade name (together the „Premium Golf Marks“) are subject to Topgolf`s prior written permission. Without the prior written permission of Topgolf, you may not use or display any names, symbols, logos, trade names or trademarks belonging to third parties (or identified).

You have no intellectual property rights or interests owned by Orpgolf or licensed by Topgolf. Images must not be used to indicate or imply endorsement of Topgolf or high-level golf staff with any product, process or commercial service, or be used in any other way that may mislead or imply any authorization, sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between you and Topgolf. Advertisements or other advertising messages must not be filmed at the Location of the By Topgolf event, unless you enter into a separate agreement with Topgolf expressly authorizing such use. You may not use trademarks, logos or other content similar to the premium golf marks to be confused. If you wish to obtain permission from Topgolf for the use of high-end golf images or marks or for any other use not expressly addressed in this Agreement, or if you wish to become aware of the unauthorized use of premium golf marks, please contact press@topgolf.com. Please note that permission is at Topgolf`s sole discretion and, if granted, is only granted under certain conditions and/or subject to the conclusion of a contract with Topgolf. Can Topgolf view your membership next door? Please contact us at 866-867-4653 and select the menu item for the nearest golf course. Select the website where your membership was acquired, and then select the membership option.

A representative of our team can then provide details about your available options. (a) Primary member. As used in this Agreement, the „Primary Member“ refers to the person who acquires the subscription and signs the corresponding affiliation agreement. The Primary Member is the only person authorized to print a physical Membership Card and the only person authorized to change the account information from membership to subscription, including, but not limited to, adding and removing designated persons (defined below), changing billing information, and changing billing settings such as the automatic renewal payment option. . . .

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