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Status Of Forces Agreement Japan

5. If the status of a person transferred to Japan under this article is changed so that he or she can no longer qualify for such an accreditation, the United States authorities communicate with the Japanese authorities and assure that the person is invited by the Japanese authorities to leave Japan that, within a reasonable period of time, the Government of Japan will be offered transport from Japan at no cost. (e) The arbitrator`s allowance is agreed upon between the two governments and is compensated equally with the expenses necessary to carry out his duties. 10. Disputes arising from contracts to purchase equipment, supplies, equipment, services and work by or for the United States Armed Forces, which are not settled by the contracting parties, may be referred to the Joint Conciliation Committee, provided that the provisions of this paragraph do not prejudice a right that contracting parties are required to exercise in order to initiate civil action. b) The arbitrator referred to in point (a) is chosen, by mutual agreement between the two governments, from among the nationals of Japan holding or holding a high-level judicial function. (2) Members of the United States Armed Forces are exempt from Japanese passport and face provisions and provisions. Members of the U.S. armed forces, the civilian component and their families are exempt from Japanese laws and regulations regarding the registration and control of aliens, but are not considered to be the acquisition of a right of permanent residence or residence on the territory of Japan.

(c) the United States armed forces, within the framework of their powers, provide all necessary assistance to ensure the payment of customs duties, taxes and penalties payable by members of those armed forces or the civilian component or their relatives. (5) After being declassified by one: authorized officer of the United States Armed Forces, devaluable assets, with the exception of houses owned, used or trans-railways by these persons and their personnel exclusively for the performance of the contracts covered in paragraph 1, are not subject to similar taxes or taxes from Japan. (1) Japan accepts, without a driving test or fees, the driver`s licence issued by the United States to a member of the United States Armed Forces, the civilian component and his or her relatives as valid.

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