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Spotify Royalty Agreement


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1 Introduction 2 Changes to Agreements 3 Benefit from Spotify 4 Payments and Terminations 5 Use of Our Service 6 Third-Party Apps and Devices 7 User-Produced Content 8 Rights, Whether You Grant Us 9 Terms of Use 10 Violation and Notification of User Content 11 Service Restrictions and Changes 12 Brand Accounts 13 Spotify Support Community 14 Customer Support 15 Export Control 16 Term and Termination 18 Limitation and Zei t for filing 19 Third Parties 20 Global Agreement 21 Salvatorial Clause, Waiver and Performance 22 Assignment 23 Indemnification 24 Choice of Law, Binding Arbitration and Jurisdiction 25 Contact Us To receive these valuable Spotify streams, we recommend that you actively use the service instead of just installing and forgetting your song. Sharing your music on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is a crucial way to listen to your songs and share them in new communities. Plus, it can be difficult to publish your music on your favorite culture blog and access a popular spotify playlist, but bring you big returns, especially if you maximize all your license sources. You and Spotify agree that all disputes, claims or controversies between you and Spotify, related or in any way to these agreements or your relationship with Spotify as users of the Service (whether based on contract, unlawful act, law, fraud, misrepresentation or any other legal theory, and whether claims arise during or after termination of the agreements) is mandatory. the compulsory individual arbitration procedure (non-class). You and Spotify also agree that the arbitrator has the exclusive power to adjudicate its own jurisdiction, including any objection to the existence, extent or validity of the arbitration agreement or the ability to arbitrate claims or claims. Arbitration is more informal than legal action. THERE IS NO JUDGE OR JUROR IN ARBITRATION AND JUDICIAL REVIEW OF AN ARBITRAL AWARD IS LIMITED. There may be a more limited discovery than in court. The arbitrator must comply with this agreement and may grant the same compensation and facility as a court (including attorneys` fees), except that the arbitrator may not recognize any remedy, including rights to finding or omission, that benefits anyone other than the parties to the arbitration. This arbitration clause also applies after the termination of the agreements. Please note, however, that some aspects of your use of the Spotify service may be settled by additional agreements.

This may include, for example, access to the Spotify service on the basis of a gift card, free or discounted trial versions or with other services. If an offer is submitted to you for such aspects of your use, you will receive any additional agreements related to it and you may have the opportunity to agree to additional terms. Some of these additional terms can be found on the Spotify site. In the event of an irreconcilable conflict between additional terms and those terms, priority shall be given to the additional terms. . . .

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