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Separation Agreements Tennessee

In Tennessee, pursuant to section 36-4-102(b) of the Tennessee Code, after two years of legal separation, the court may grant an absolute divorce to any spouse who requests it. This party must present a motion that attaches the initial judgment of separation and certifies that there has been no reconciliation. In addition, the Tribunal also reserves the right to convert at its discretion before the expiry of the two-year period. If you have problems with your spouse, you may think that a divorce is the only way to separate and protect yourself financially. However, separation without dissolution of the body in Tennessee can offer the same protection as divorce. In some cases, it works better than a divorce. It`s best to consult a family law lawyer to better understand your protection, as each case is unique. Two years after a court has granted legal separation, any spouse can decide to file for divorce in the absence of reconciliation. The court may also decide, at its discretion, to dissolve a marriage before the end of the two years. The advantage of a separation without a break of body is that the parties remain married. This means that a spouse can retain the insured spouse`s coverage and the parties maintain the legal relationship of the marriage in the event of the death or disability of a spouse. Most people who opt for legal separation are due to religious religions.

Malachi 2,16 says: „For I hate divorce,“ says the Lord. Legal separation instead of divorce allows an individual to get out of a relationship where he would no longer want to be without coming into conflict with his moral and religious convictions. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have over 20 years of experience representing clients in family matters. We have the knowledge, training and experience to properly advise you regarding legal separation and divorce. Request a free initial consultation online or call our office to arrange your personal meeting with one of our family law lawyers. If they are legally separated in Tennessee, couples can live together at any time, or they will never stop living together throughout the trial They will continue to be recognized as married until documents have been filed to divorce the separation. . . .

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