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Santander Dealer Agreement


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Get help generating new traffic to your dealer through our direct shipping program. Santander Consumer USA (SC) stands for financial capacity and stability, supporting our business partners at the federal level for more than a decade with strong programs and unparalleled support. This means you can count on SC for your success wherever the economy takes us. Santander Consumer USA`s mission is to provide your dealer with consistent and fast financing of vehicle purchases across the full range of credits. „I`ve been using Santander Consumer USA`s programs for a few years… and believe that sc is a [lender] I can trust. They have a simple process to understand and finance easily. I`ve seen other lenders come and go while Santander has stayed strong. I also appreciate the fact that my DRM regularly visits my car dealership and is always reachable for quick handling of problems. „Santander Consumer USA was a consistent lender that we rely on month after month…

Santander gives us the opportunity for almost all guests who pass through the door. They are a full spectrum lender, and each year their footprint seems to grow within the merchant. We put our customers first and know that there is a flexible business partner working with us, we know we can do it. A simple financing method that gives you the security of a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments throughout the agreement. The initial deposit and refund period can be structured so that you can fill your budget and the time you wait for the car reception. You can act in your existing car and put this in the direction of the first deposit, or if you wish, just deposit a cash deposit. „We are a store that makes 740 cars a month. Our experience with Santander is a positive experience with Santander is one of our … I see our business growing with Santander`s new signature as the preferred lender for autonation. Learn how to maximize profits with every deal with our Rehash tool and use other powerful features. Tony PescheGreenwood Hubbard Chevrolet, Hubbard, OH „We are happy and comfortable working with Santander Consumer USA, from a license for almost every customer out there, to a simple financing process and access to our staff with one click.“ Fill out our simple form and a dealer relationship manager will contact you. Owned by Banco Santander, a global bank with a presence in 52 countries, Santander Consumer USA has unparalleled financial support and consistently profitable growth over various business cycles in a highly competitive sector.

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