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Contributions to non-registration are not valid For the technical inspection of ships and offshore installations, the register is based on the normative RS documents listed below and the applicable international conventions, codes, agreements, national requirements of flag States: the agreement is valid in 100 Rs stamp documents and, even if it was not manufactured on stamp paper, it is valid. In fact, even an oral sales agreement is legally enforceable. The first collection of ships in service shall be carried out on ships which, when changing classes, when determining the possibility of assigning a class to a ship built without a technical inspection of the register, are submitted for the first time to the register for a new assignment of the class to a ship whose register class has been withdrawn. Examination of the vessel`s soil is carried out to verify the technical state of compliance with the rules: underwater hull; outboard holes and sea valves in the underwater hull; underwater parts of the gearbox; ripples, propulsion devices and ACUS; the parts of the navigation equipment that are in the underwater hull; other technical inspection objects the inspection of which can only be carried out if the ship is in the quay. . . . .

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