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Ona Local 75 Collective Agreement

If you would like to be added to the local distribution list of 75 emails, please send an email local075@ona.org. Local 75 Office Address: 406 – 393 Rymal Rd. W., Hamilton, ON L9B 1V2 Phone: 905-389-3277905-389-3277 / Fax: 905-389-3071 Email: local075@ona.org If you allow your rights to be violated, you and your colleagues may lose those hard-won rights. The collective agreement and labour law protect you from the effects when you file a complaint. That is the way to resolve disputes. Anyone covered by the ONA collective agreement has the same right to bereavement. However, the decision to support a complaint remains within the union and depends on many factors. If the facts do not support a complaint, the ONA Labour Relations Officer and the Appeals Board decide whether or not a complaint should be filed. The collective agreement defines a claim as a difference between the parties in terms of interpretation, application, administration or the alleged violation of the agreement. All trial participants, including the mourner, the representative of the ONA union, other union officials and union witnesses, are protected from repetition or sanction of their union activities by the collective agreement and the Ontario Labour Relations Act.

Members should refer the matter to the UNION office to address their concerns within the timeframe of the collective agreement. We represent registered nurses at St. Joseph`s Healthcare in Hamilton at three sites: the Charlton campus, the West 5th Campus and the King Campus. For employees who work both at the HHSU and in a long-term care centre or inserhaus residence, please visit your SJHH email to complete the short survey and indicate which employer you would like to work for during the pandemic. Download the Care Homes Template Agreement (June 30, 2021) Here, to help employees who choose the long-term care employer, SJHH will provide unpaid leave at St. Joe`s to return to the SJHH after the pandemic. . Some issues cannot be addressed in the appeal process. Some problems should be.

B to your work/administration (association/agency, etc.). Committee, Health and Safety Commission or external bodies such as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) or the Ontario Labour Relations Office (OLRB). Please do not use your workplace email address for unions – use your personal email address to contact your union representatives. Phone 905-389-3277 Fax 905-389-3071 ONA will strive to return your message within 48 hours of business Monday to Friday Click here to learn more about the USO „Wear White Wednesdays“ campaign. Until April 17, 2020, workers must determine with their long-term care employer, before April 17, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. .m, whether they have a job with another health care provider (including a hospital) or retirement home. If the facts do not support the complaint, we will discuss other strategies that can be used to address the member`s problems. . | Hospitals | Care Homes Homes for | | Public Health | Clinics Industry| LHINs (formerly CCACs) | Home Care Providers Yesterday, the government issued a new order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act that restricts dators employees who have jobs with a long-care care provider from working at multiple locations or other health services providers, including hospitals and retirement homes. The complaint`s chair, Cindy Orlicki, will review and advise on the bereavement. The Board of Appeal presents the appropriate documents under the direction of the Minister of Labour.

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