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Capital One Auto Finance Agreement To Provide Insurance Form

It is the worst company that can finance a car. We have financed with them for more than 5 years and have less than 2 years on our car. I have never made a late payment at this location. Never once until this month. I called her to ask her not to pay this month. We had to buy a new fridge and we had two flat tires back to back. No late payments ever and no, they can`t waive my payment for this month. It makes no sense. Not only did they not give up on the payment, but they also asked me tons of degrading personal questions about my finances. Low interest rates: Capital One can offer low interest rates to consumers with a good credit history. Get pre-qualified and know how much you need to spend.

Two-month renewal account during the family. The balance has been broken, but they have always come to CRA and refuse to correct. Then they advised that the next month`s payment was more than 30 days, but that it was accompanied by all the documents to illustrate that this is false and simply false. They continue to act unethically. I never leave bad comments unless it`s really bad. I refinanced myself with Capital about 6 or 7 months ago. I sent all the necessary documents to get the copy of the title so that I could register. It`s been over two months now, and every time I call, they say it`s in the process. Sometimes they even say that they have not received the documents, even after officers have already confirmed that they have received previous calls. I couldn`t drive my car because the recording has expired and I can`t extend it, since I don`t have a copy of the title. Car Credit Calculator: They offer a car credit calculator that allows borrowers to estimate monthly car payments for the total amount they need to finance. They also offer a car learning center to learn more about financing, credit renewal and more.

When I called back today, they escalated to their service of problems, where I was informed that it would not be a problem if my account was up to date. And even though I`ve asked twice since the 23rd to be removed from the list so they can call me if there are any problems, they still hadn`t done so. We are in the midst of a pandemic, and his response has been, „Business must continue, even though we are still in a pandemic, the world continues.“ You`re kidding? You have absolutely no compassion for your clients, and when I was asked to reflect on my situation, I was made clear that it was not. Your company is the very definition of Corporate America. You don`t take care of your customers at all, and I was made to understand today that I`m just dollars to you. You should be ashamed. I will take care of other financial companies and take my business elsewhere. I am currently funded by Cap 1 and they failed to transfer the title to my new site, which was sent to them in 2019. You now want me to pay all the costs of returning to DMV for an old DL state, since the title was never transferred, but my car was registered in the new state and I have a new DL that only lacks the title. I have no choice but to sell the car. I haven`t lived in my original state for almost two years and they want me to renew my DL and renew the registration for a fee over 1000.00.

I have all the emails, phone records and everything to back it up…

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