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An Traineeship Agreement


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The adoption of an agreement is subject to a brief confirmation by the head of the host organisation. If a salary is to be paid from the resources of the host organisation, this information must be included in the confirmation. A small email to erasmus.praktikum@univie.ac.at is enough. Apprentices and trainees must be enrolled in formal training approved by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). They must be given paid working time in order to be able to follow their formal training. This may include participation in a training institution, formal on-the-job training or self-training. Employers must sign the competency booklet or proof-of-work guide of the trainee/apprentice that supports the formal training. Employers must contact the RTO regarding the apprentice`s participation, participation and progress in formal training. Students wishing to do an internship at the University of Vienna must find a suitable job. You can find a list of all faculties and their disciplines here. Do not send applications to the International Bureau or the Human Resources Department. The International Office does not provide internships and cannot be satisfied with an internship. The agreement must first be signed by the intern (you), the host company (place of your internship) and then by the sending institution (university).

Count on the fact that documentation and collecting signatures can take some time and nerves, so it is advisable to start as soon as possible. The internship contract (Internship Agreement) contains all the necessary data for your internship stay. This document shall be drawn up and signed by the International Office at the request of the host organisation. The training contract is a formal agreement between the employer and the trainee. It is a legally binding document that describes an employer`s obligations to an intern. The essence of a trainee is the on-the-job training and work experience that the trainee will acquire. The employer is responsible for the Australian apprentice`s access to the full range of work needed to develop the skills and industry knowledge he or she needs in the workplace. Under the User Choice guideline, we decide how training takes place, for example during or after working hours, on the Internet or in a group training. .

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